The healthy and local food shop in Wellingborough

At Hornett Wholefoods we have lots of sustainable, ethically-made, practical healthy options that are suitable for everyone. If you are looking to be healthier, to lose some weight, are on a gluten free diet or a dairy free diet, we are here for you.

Vegetarians and vegans can feast because we will not sell meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or any by-products of slaughter.  We’re 100% meat free! We sell a large range of healthy and locally produced items, including food and drink 'Essentials'. We also stock 'Extras' such as snacks, treats, supplements and animal food.

Environmentalists (and all) can find a wide selection of ethical and eco-friendly products in our 'Green Shop'.  These now include toiletries, cleaning products, personal care and gifts; plus ecover refills in store.  Hornett Wholefoods will also hold product demonstrations and social activities in our shop and at various fairs throughout the year.  Please come back regularly to this site for special offers, reviews and new product updates.

On our other site we will post recipes and food facts.  You can also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.